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Where's the Space?

The advent of technology to make commercial trucking industry safer has impacts that are far reaching. It was just a matter of time when Hours of Service (HOS) issues and ELD (Electronic Logging Device) usage would rear their connected ugly head. With the ability to track driver movement to within feet with a live feed, a driver’s ability to skirt the clock to get to a safe and credible parking solution is greatly diminished. There is no suggestion that the clock should be skirted; we just need to live with the new reality technology provides. This new reality: parking wars.

Recent articles written after the December 2017 ELD mandate speak to a problem that can’t be solved by lawmakers. Several articles hit on the point that there is no national shortage of parking spaces. However, if too many spaces are located in remote areas, the industry must respond to demand and create solutions. If three-quarters of drivers are reporting daily inability to find credible parking, where are the anticipated solutions? Did nobody see this coming?

New problems, or a problem that has just been exasperated by technology, which was intended to improve safe operations, needs to be addressed. Change brings innovation, and innovation will bring solutions to the masses. Bring on preferred or reserved parking, mobile app innovation in space awareness, and deliver new vendor connectivity for better solutions. Solutions are coming, and it is just a matter of time as demand will dictate it. If everyone is involved in the solution, there is a very good opportunity the industry will move ahead of the regulation that placed it there.

If you or your company have questions or concerns regarding the future of regulations, you should speak with a professional who understands their impact.  AssuredPartners Transportation has professionals who assist clients in the area.  To learn more, visit AssuredPartners Transportation.

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