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2018 Hurricane Forecast – Are You Prepared?

June 1st kicks off Hurricane Season 2018 – will this be a repeat of 2017?  Harvey, Irma, and Maria visited multiple states last year and forecasters are predicting more storms than average – again.  Business Insider shares an average hurricane season is based on the 30-year average from 1981 to 2010.  By that definition, an average season includes 12 named storms and six hurricanes, with three of those being major hurricanes – storms that qualify as Category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. 

There is still time to prepare for Hurricane Season:

  • Review preparedness plans to, at a minimum, include:
    • Communication – Authorities, Family, Staff
    • Emergency Power and Supplies
    • Food, Medication and Water Supplies
    • Resident Relocation – Hospital, Family or Responsible Party, Evacuation Site
    • Staffing Needs
    • Transfer Agreements
    • Transportation
  • Practice preparedness plans with staff and residents
  • Review insurance programs to address evacuation expense coverage

While we are hopeful 2018 is not as active as 2017, we urge all providers to spend time reviewing preparedness plans with all staff on all shifts.  Your team at AssuredPartners is available to assist you with your planning efforts and insurance needs.  Reach out to an AssuredPartners Senior Living Risk Solutions expert for assistance to ensure your team is ready.

Source: Business Insider

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